Su Ha, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
The Voiland School of Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering
Washington State University
1505 Stadium Way, Room 105
P.O. Box 646515
Pullman, WA 99164-2710
Office: Wegner Hall #215
Phone: 509-335-3786

Research Interests

My research group’s general interests lie in the area of electrocatalysis and fuel reforming for addressing our current energy and environmental issues.

Nanobiocatalysis for Biofuel Cells

Developing high performing and stable nanobiocatalysts by immobilizing enzymes on various nanomaterials including carbon nanotube (CNT) and mesoporous carbon materials

Low Temperature Fuel Cell Catalysis

Developing efficient and cost effective catalysts for low temperature and direct organic liquid fuel cells

High Temperature Fuel Cell Catalysis

Developing coke resistant, sulfur tolerant and efficient metal oxide based catalysts for solid oxide fuel cell applications

Hydrogen Production

Understanding the nature of active site for steam ethanol reforming reaction over supported cobalt catalysts